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Ethnicity surveys

The data are for use by faculty, students, and staff of the University of Toronto and subscribing institutions, for academic research and teaching purposes only.

Links to data are IP-address restricted. Off campus University of Toronto users must first log in to myaccess.

  • Do not share any microdata with anyone who is not a University of Toronto faculty, student, or staff member.
  • Do not attempt to identify individual respondents.
  • Do not link microdata to administrative records.
  • Do not use these data for contracted research with outside funding.
  • Do acknowledge the source of your data.

Canadian social fabric study, 1997 Data Documentation

Multiculturalism attitude survey, 1991 Data Documentation

Longitudinal survey of immigrants, 1969-1971 arrivals [Reloaded 2009-10-21] Data Documentation

Bilingualism & biculturalism in the House of Commons, 1965 [Reloaded 2008-06-05] Data Documentation

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