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National Household Survey public use microdata

These data are provided by Statistics Canada under the terms of the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) license.

Historically, there have been two mandatory census forms: the short form, which was sent to all Canadian households, and the long form, which was sent to 20% of Canadian households. Starting with the 2011 Census, there is only a mandatory short form. The questions that have traditionally been asked in the mandatory long form have been moved to a new voluntary National Household Survey (NHS). (The exception to this is the language questions, which were added to the mandatory short form.) Click here to access the CENSUS Public Use Microdata Files.

Public use microdata files

National Household Survey (NHS), 2011 hierarchical file -new- Data Documentation
individuals file [Reloaded 2014-12-17] Data Documentation


Created: 2004/07/31; Last updated: 2014-12-17