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Travel survey of residents of Canada (TSRC)

These data are provided by Statistics Canada under the terms of the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) licence.

Each year of data consists of 12 discrete monthly files.
Stratify/select by month and use dataset weight variables.
Use the annual dataset with computed weight variables (existing weight variable divided by 12).
This applies to person and trip level files only.
Year Person-level records Trip-level records Visit-level records Documentation
2015 X X X X
2014 X X X X
2013 X X X X
2011 X X X X
2010 X X X X
2009 X X X X
2008 X X X X
2007 X X X X
2006 X X X X


Created: 2011/08/19; Last updated: 2014/02/05